We have been working with Carbon Clear - Carbon offsetting and reduction specialists, to deliver offset projects since 2009.

Lircay run-of-river hydropower project, Chile
Emission reductions: 50,000 t CO2e per year

Lircay uses the flow of water from the Maule Norte Bajo canal to power a 19 MW hydroelectricity plant, which sends power directly to the Chilean national grid. It's a run-of-river project - no dams - protecting local biodiversity and preserving the natural flow and function of the river. The project was developed in cooperation with regional farmers and stakeholders. Local communities benefit through a profit-sharing arrangement as well as 1,000km of channel irrigation systems. The project has also created long-term skilled jobs for local people.

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Keban hydropower project, Turkey
Emission reductions: 25,000 t CO2e per year

Not only does the Keban 5 MW hydropower plant reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel dependence, it also improves the electricity supply in a region where power outages are notorious, supporting local enterprise and improving quality of life for local communities. The plant is based in Elazig, a region with the highest unemployment in Turkey. This project created new jobs and spurs the economic regeneration of the area. It also supports a sustainable trout fishery located on the banks of the reservoir, securing livelihoods and preserving a source of food and income for the local community.

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