To help us reach our emissions target and reduce our impact on the environment, we implemented a carbon reduction programme.

Here’s how we reached our target.

Light panel replacement program in factory
Making use of the natural daylight reduced our dependence on electric lights. We also switched to LED bulbs, which use 10% of the energy that standard lights do.

Emissions Reduction
Moving from oil to a gas heating system created a 21% emissions reduction. It also removed the need for oil transport and storage. The new system gives us greater control of temperature for a more comfortable working environment.

Reduction in water usage
Installing a closed loop water recycling system has achieved a massive 89% reduction in water usage. Every drop matters.

Switching from air to sea freight
Switching from air freight to sea freight for some materials reduced logistics emissions by 18%. We also moved to a paperless invoicing and purchase order system, which reduced emissions associated with admin by 65%.

Reusing and recycling
79% of our total waste is recycled - rather than going to landfill - thanks to improved recycling facilities at all sites.

Reaching our target. With room to spare.
Our target was to reduce our 2009 emissions total by 21% by 2015. We achieved it with one year to spare. Through continuing our low carbon journey, we are on course to meet the Scottish government's emissions reduction target of 42% by 2020. We were also awarded ISO 50001 certification for Energy Management, which requires a company to develop a management framework for efficient use of energy.