Since its introduction in 2003, Power over Ethernet (PoE) has expanded to support more devices at higher power transmissions. By running power and data over the same cable, PoE eliminates the need for additional wiring, saving on cost and redundant cabling. It also creates a more flexible solution for far-off building locations, such as warehouse work areas, IP security cameras and help desks. However, without the right cabling and network design, PoE installations can encounter heat generation that may affect performance.

Leviton's structured cabling systems meet the need for higher bandwidth and power, while limiting the temperature rise in large cable bundles. They are designed and tested to be compliant with all current and draft IEEE PoE standards, Power over HDBaseT, and IEC 60512-99-001. And Leviton Altas-X1™ Cat 6A connectivity has been tested to deliver 100-watt PoE, as defined in the draft IEEE 802.3bt (Type 4) standard.

Stronger connection integrityStronger connection integrity
Atlas-X1™ and eXtreme® connectors keep the contact point between the plug and jack away from potential electrical arcing damage, saving on costly repairs and improving system longevity. And patented Retention Force Technology offers additional protection against arcing damage. Learn more »

Better heat dissipationBetter heat dissipation
The Atlas-X1 Cat 6A jack is the industry's only unshielded connector to feature a solid metal body, which dissipates heat 53% more efficiently than plastic alternatives for greater system performance and longevity.

End-to-End Systems for High-Power PoE
Leviton systems for PoE — including cable, jacks, patch cords, and patch panels — are component rated, and third-party tested and verified to exceed industry standard performance. System components have undergone rigorous lab testing to meet the need for higher bandwidth and power, while limiting the temperature rise in large cable bundles and remaining within the cable's listed rating.