Customer requirements in the ever-advancing communications market continues to grow, stretching bandwidth resources and testing the performance of today’s networks. In choosing cabling system solutions, whether for small, medium or large multi site locations, server farms or co-location data centres, network planners have some serious issues to consider. Among these is the decision as to which type and mix of fibre to install to allow for network expansion and upgrades has been a dilemma for many years.

Dark fibre
In the past, industry practice has been to install ‘dark fibre’ to meet future demands. Dark fibre refers to an unused optical fibre in which has been laid but is not being used in fibre-optic communications. The dark fibre strategy however is by no means risk-free, as un-terminated,untested fibres may not be fit for purpose when the time comes to light the fibres in the future.

Air Blown Fibre Systems 
Fortunately there is a simple and cost effective solution. Leviton Air Blown Fibre Systems offer solutions for internal and external applications with their market leading Blolite and MicroBlo. The use of Air Blown Fibre Systems gives complete freedom from risk by pre-installing a ducting route and then blowing in the fibre element when required.

The Blolite system is versatile with backbone and / or fibre to the desk links and can even allow for long distance links of up to 1km. Blolite is easily installed using compressed air and fibres are easy to terminate and are compatible with all standard optical connectors.

Blolite is extremely reliable, with a zero failure rate since the first installations in 1988. It is no surprise that major users such as Manchester Airport, IBM, Ericsson, ABN Amro, the British MoD, Aerospatiale, Pfizer and the British and US Navies have taken advantage of the system.



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