Leviton designs and manufactures cabling solutions for a wide variety of high performance industrial applications. We have the capability to combine the technologies such as coaxial, fiber optic, data and power to supply both simple and extremely complex cable constructions to meet demanding electrical and mechanical requirements.

Brand-Rex High Performance cables are used in the very harshest environments, from temperature and pressure extremes and chemical resistances required deep underground to fire performance or low fume hazards found in modern industrial installations.

Highly experienced industrial cable design and support teams work closely with customers to understand their exact requirements and to ensure their performance expectations are fully met and supported.


AMA Trade Association LogoIndustrial Applications

  • Industrial sensors
    • Temperature
    • Flow
    • Inductive
    • Level
    • Thermocouple
  • Marine camera systems
  • Nuclear camera systems
  • 'Downwell' systems
  • Underfloor heating systems
  • Electrical switching systems
  • High-end audio systems
  • Gas ignition systems
  • Lighting


Product Lines

  • Fibre optic cable
  • Multi-conductor cables
  • Armoured
  • Rodent/Termite resistant
  • Flexible and highly flexible constructions
  • Shielded constructions
  • Wide variety of insulation and sheathing materials
  • PTFE wire and cable - including UL, NEMA and Mil spec.
  • FEP wire and cable - including UL
  • ETFE wire and cables - including UL
  • Multicore hybrid constructions
  • Databus constructions
  • Hybrid fiber/copper constructions
  • Polymide cables
  • PEEK cables