5 June 2018, Glenrothes, UK – Leviton today announced two new fiber cable options, adding to its wide selection of premise distribution and loose tube cabling. The new universal Central Dry Loose Tube (CDT) and Multi Dry Loose Tube (MDT) cables have a EuroClass B2ca rating, making them ideal for building backbone installations where protecting people in the case of fire is a high priority.

In Europe, manufacturers cannot supply cables unless they have been tested, certified, and marked in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Leviton was one of the manufacturers involved in developing CPR standards, and provides support and advice to specifiers, installers, and end users. The company offers a full range of CE marked copper and fiber cabling products that comply with CPR regulations.

"Leviton is dedicated to meeting regional CPR requirements and providing customers with the exact solutions they need," said Richard Budd, Product Manager at Leviton Network Solutions. "We continue to expand our portfolio to include higher classification cables, and the B2ca rating provides the highest level of protection against flame spread currently specified for datacom applications."

The CDT and MDT cables are designed for internal/external duct and internal cable tray installations in building and campus backbone applications. They feature individual loose tubes with a dry gel-free construction, which allows for cleaner and easier field terminations and splicing.

In addition to the EuroClass B2ca rating, the cables also include:

  • Classifications s1a for smoke production, d1 for flaming droplets, and a1 for acidity, ideal for high and very high fire risk environments
  • Availability in bend insensitive single mode, OM3, and OM4 options as standard
  • Glass yarn armouring for strength and rodent protection
  • An LSHF/LSZH cable jacket, suitable for horizontal routes and seamless transitions from vertical cable routes
  • CDT cable is available in up to 24 fibers; MDT is available in up to 72 fibers with 12 fibers per tube

To learn more about Leviton's new CDT and MDT options and their full range of CPR rated cables, visit