Published: Tuesday, 3 October 2017

In Europe, Construction Products Regulation (CPR) introduced new EuroClass cabling levels Brand-Rex offers datacom cabling in copper and fiber in all applicable EuroClass levels, including Eca, Dca, Cca, and B2ca. This gives customers more options to meet the needs of their unique cabling environments and comply with CPR requirements specific to each different EU member state.

Note: As of 1st of July 2017, every applicable cable product must be CE marked, carry Euroclass level designation, and needs to be backed by a Declaration of Performance.

Euroclass CPR Cable Table

The final decision on required EuroClass performance levels lies with local authorities within each EU country. Always check local regulations to confirm what cable classification is required for a specific environment.

For easy recognition of EuroClass level, we are color coding our copper cabling. Copper cable jackets are colored as shown below to clearly identify the level of EuroClass cable. This color code approach is already being embraced by major European countries. 

Euroclass Cable Colour Coding

The unique color for each level simplifies visual inspections and allows for easy verification of CPR classification. Distributors can visually check the CPR classification of the cables in stock and are able to manage stock more easily because of this color code approach. The color code scheme also helps avoid the potential for mislabeling. Installers can quickly determine which cables go in the appropriate locations to comply with specification. Also, inspectors can easily confirm visually that the cable complies to national regulations.

Click here for more about CPR regulations and to see a list of CPR compliant cables.