The Construction Products Regulation (CPR), defines the fire performance requirements of construction products that apply to cables that are fixed in a building. Patch cords and other non-fixed cables are not affected by this new legislation. In simple terms, the CPR regulation defines how a cable is affected when burned and should not be confused with regulations for fire survival cables, where cables must continue to operate within a fire.

Last month, we announced that as of Monday 12th September the part numbers for our cables would be expanded to include the CPR classification. This provides clarity to customers of the compliance category of the cable within the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) that were introduced on 1st July.

In addition to part number changes, cable print legends and box labeling will also change. A new label will be added to cable packaging with a QR Code (matrix barcode) image, which when scanned on a mobile device will link to a web page showing full fire performance classification details.

The introduction of a new part number will not only provide an easy reference, but will also improve visibility of inventory as customers transition stock of older products first. By 1st July 2017 it will become mandatory for all cables sold in the EU to be clearly identified with an independently certified CPR classification.


  • We will start introducing new part numbers on cables from 12th September 2016
  • This will be a transitional process with some parts being changed before others
  • This may mean that an order placed for the current part number will result in you receiving a cable marked with the new (expanded) part number
  • We ask that you update your ordering system to reflect the new part number during September
  • Be aware that you may still receive cables marked with the older part number as we transition - unless you specifically state otherwise
  • By 2017, we would expect that all cables supplied will show the new part numbers

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