When the Kuwait Ministry of Education was looking for a cutting edge network infrastructure solution they turned to Brand-Rex to fulfil that need. Due to be completed in 2016 the Ministry of Educations new headquarters in Kuwait City is one of the most awe-inspiring constructions. The move to the new headquarters allowed for the opportunity to install a high quality IT infrastructure that allows for both fast and reliable internal and external communications. IT is a vital role in the Ministry’s operation so it was crucial that the most appropriate solution could be found.

The appropriate solution was found to be 10GPlus U/UTP cable as it has a unique Reuleaux shaped cable that reduces the interference from adjacent cables and incorporates very highly balanced pairs. These products allowed the installation to run smoothly. This smooth installation was further aided by the use of Brand-Rex’s tool free snap-in-jacks which has revolutionised termination times. An OM3 FibrePlus backbone was also installed as this offered the most robust and resilient solution for Ministry operations. These product sets offer the Ministry of Education peace of mind that their operations will be supported for the next 25 years.

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