When Ijsselland Hospital took the decision to install a state-of-the-art cabling system in order to safeguard its IT systems and further strengthen its commitment to patient care, the Netherlands based medical facility turned to the latest Brand-Rex HI-DEX solution. Establishments such as Ijsselland Hospital must be absolutely sure that their networks can handle growing volmes of data and the allowance that staff can gain access to this data at any given time.

Brand-Rex HI-DEX - a pre terminated, modular optical fibre management system - was selected as the system of choice. This product set is ideally suited for installation in the data centre, where multiple, point to point, fibre connections between distribution racks and equipment racks can be quickly installed and where an upgrade path to higher speed is required. In the case of Ijsselland Hospital each server rack was equipped with one HI-DEX panel complete with 12 LC Duplex connections on a single cassette. Additionally each rack has been connected with Augmented Category 6 pre terminated assemblies using Brand-Rex unique DC Zone cable. The result of using HI-DEX meant that the installation of the project was reduced from the standard two weeks to just ten days for the two person team.

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