GigaPlus is a secure, flexible, cost-effective solution ideal for LAN protocols and 1000Base-T applications.

The GigaPlus System is a feature-rich solution delivering:

  • Complete end-to-end solution in shielded and unshielded options
  • Protection from alien crosstalk and external electromagnetic interference in the shielded system
  • Performance levels designed to meet and exceed ISO/IEC 11801 Class D and ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Cat 5e
  • LSA-style, 110-style, and tool-free options available for GigaPlus snap-in jacks
  • Extensive 25-Year Communications Channel Limited Warranty to protect your investment and provide peace of mind


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Leviton adheres to the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) guidance provided by Europacable. Their recommendations can be found at:  For all solid conductor copper and fiber solutions manufactured by Leviton, the CPR classification only for the cable products in LSHF/LSZH cable assemblies intended to be permanently fixed within a building is provided on the product label.



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