Make Smart Infrastructure Investments

Companies are making more regular data centre upgrades and tech refreshes, but they are also thinking more strategically, building clear data centre road maps and budgets. Smart infrastructure planning requires keeping capital and operating expenditures in check, and having detailed estimates of total cost of ownership.

Leviton can help you justify data centre investments with solutions that deliver a significant, measurable return on infrastructure investment (ROii).

  • Save thousands per year by minimising floor space with the HDX Fiber Distribution Frame
  • Estimate your savings when using the HDX Fiber Distribution Frame with our ROii calculator
  • Get a 63-percent savings over traditional cable management with the Overhead Infrastructure Platform
  • Reduce time and labour by up to 75 percent for copper and fibre installations with pre-terminated cable assemblies
  • Protect your investment with a limited-lifetime warranty on systems installed by a Leviton Certified Installer