In today's world of high speed connectivity, 100% availability of Information Communication Technology (ICT) services is business critical. With the introduction of best practice standards for this service management and increasing dependency on the availability of information, businesses are required to proactively react to these ever changing developments.

At the core of any IT Service Management framework are the configuration, change and incident management processes. The accuracy and quality of the information contained within the main configuration is vital in ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of all associated applications.

Traditionally, configuration management is one of the most difficult disciplines to implement due to the manual effort needed to maintain accurate records of the constant changes to the IT infrastructure. The management of changes is also highly critical, as service delivery managers must know the exact implications of carrying out any changes before they take place.

SmartPatch has been designed with these challenges in mind. It is a solution that is universally recognized for high levels of flexibility, efficiency and network security.


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