More than 50 years of experience in the aerospace industry

Leviton has an extensive understanding of the advanced materials and manufacturing processes required for aerospace applications. We also follow AS 9100 quality practices, making us the perfect partner for mission critical wire and cable solutions.

Our Brand-Rex wires and cables use high performance extruded and taped materials such as ETFE, XLETFE, PTFE and Polymide. Combined with advanced conductor solutions, these materials allow for lightweight constructions used in some of the most demanding environments while resisting some of the most aggressive chemicals.

Aerospace Applications

  • Fuselage harness wiring
  • Wing harness wiring
  • Landing gear wiring
  • Databus cables
  • Mission and electronic systems wiring

Product Lines

  • PTFE extruded products
  • Tape wrapped hook-up wire
  • Extruded high temperature hook-up wire
  • Arc track resistant composite hook-up wire
  • Multicore cable constructions
  • Screened multicore cable
  • Databus constructions
  • High temperature textile braided cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • EFwrap spiral cable protection